PHP & Oracle

PHP & Oracle are a powerful tools to build dynamic websites. I wrote these articles while making my graduation project (2009).

I didn’t work with neither PHP nor oracle since then, so I might not be able to answer the questions but still I believe it is a good idea to keep these posts published 😉

Connecting PHP and oracle together was the most challenging part:

Oracle database

Data Control Language (DCL)

It’s a computer language and a subset of SQL, used to control access to data in a database. due to the nature of at which this standard operates it is possible for there to be problems within the sub system of the programming.

  1. GRANT: gives user rights and privileges on database objects or schema.
  2. REVOKE: removes or restricts user rights or privileges on database objects.
  3. COMMIT: make durable all changes done to the data.
  4. ROLLBACK : restore data to its state prior to user changes
  5. SAVEPOINT: set a point to which a ROLLBACK is possible.
  6. SET TRANSACTION: Modify transaction properties.


Structured Query Language (SQL)

SQL is a standard interactive and programming language for querying and modifying data and managing databases , I’m interested in studying it to use it with oracle forms and after learning new stuff i blog it here to help myself finding specific topic later on and to help anybody want to learn it or just looking for a certain topic.

The Oracle-SQL blogs “till now” are:


Oracle, others:



1. Variables and Data:

2. Basic PHP programming:

3. Common PHP Applications:

3 Responses to PHP & Oracle

  1. sona says:

    hello i thank you so much that you created this web site that allow me to learn from this site

  2. hello,
    My Linux PHP, APACHE And Oracle installed
    but on my php, no php.ini-recommended rather php.ini-production and php.ini-development. which one must i use to connect to oracle? i will realy appreciate your work if you respond and it works. i will appreciate you send to my email.

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