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How to get the Run icon back in Start Menu for windows XP July 21, 2008

Posted by Noor in about computer.

some viruses make the run icon disappears from the start menu, to make sure that you will not have the chance to remove it, well; there is no need to use anti-virus to do this, it can be done easily in two methods, i will write both of them here to give you the choice to use any ;)

first method:

1. right click on the start bar, then properties

2. click on the tab start menu then customize

3. open the Advanced tab then make sure that the run command is checked , and welcome the run icon back!

Second method:

1. open the following path, but if you have the windows in another drive rather than ‘C’ then start from there instead of the ‘C’ in our path “C-> windows -> system32 -> gpedit”

2. open user configuration then the sub folder Administrative templates then to the sub folder start menu and taskbar, then from the right from the setting look for “remove run menu from start menu” and double click in its state (it maybe set to not configured or enabled)

3. change the state to be disabled -> ok and we are done !

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1. Steve - August 30, 2008

Thanks – Appreciate the tip! The second method worked like a charm………I’ve been nailed by the ‘Antivirus XP 2008′ virus – been trying to get that cleaned off my machine.

2. Steve - September 11, 2008

Hi, I have the ‘disabled by admin.” problem also but it has disabled both regedit and the run functions. I’m on WIN XP, home edition, service pack 3. My task bar was ‘disabled’ but I found a fix online for that. This problem started after I uninstalled a internet filter by the name of ‘Parental Control”. Maybe it didn’t completly uninstall though I can find no remnants of it yet.


3. me2blog - September 11, 2008

well… u ‘ve no run icon in the start, no regedit and no task manager
I had the same problem by a virus few months ago… and the three of ‘em were fixed in the way I write in my blog
actually I made these post after my problems were fixed …
so u can check:
How to get the Run icon back in Start Menu for windows XP
Registry Editing Has Been Disabled By Your Administrator
Task Manager has been disabled by your administrator
u think that all these problems occurred after u uninstall a program, i dunno it might be…
so what u need to do “after” get back ur run,task manager and regedit
is to try to uninstall the rest of the program manually …

if u don’t know how… this is the method:
run -> regedit -> HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE -> sotware
then u will find all the sotwares in ur pc… they r sorted alphabitically, so enter the first name of the program
and check for a folder with the program name,,, sometimes if u uninstall a program from control panel or its uninstall option,,, some folders will remain there
If u still think that u still ‘ve some parts of the program go to the run ->gpedit and check all the folders (but hopefully u won’t need this step)

I hope all will be good,,, plz write me again if that work to let me use the same advice for others
if not (hopfully this won’t be the case) write me too ,, to let me try again in this problem …..


4. Steve - September 11, 2008

thx, but neither method will work, I had tried them earlier today with no success. It’s locked up tight it seems. Can’t access run to edit register and can’t access registry edit to turn run on. If anyone else has suggestion besides restore, reformat hd, or run av software then I’d love to hear it. BTW, I found another forum where the user has the exact same problem with the filter that I downloaded, Parental Contro so I’ll be checking that out as well. Thx.

5. syakirah_my - September 29, 2008

hey..thanks for the tips..
but i got another prob..
i can’t right click at start!!
i’ve scan my computer..
there’s no virus..
what to do?

6. atul - September 30, 2008

thanks for the solution….
thanks once again….

7. MJML - October 9, 2008

Thanks for share this very helpfull information. I know that any people appreciated.

Thanks A Lot!!

8. Omar - October 27, 2008

with the win “antivirus” XP 2008 (I hope these guys burn in hell) it helps if you can make a new admin account and then do the other mentioned in the forums.

9. Frank - December 13, 2008

Another way to get you RUN icon back up is to switch between the old start menu and the new. Follow the steps above, when you see the choice between the old and new start up menu chose old and apply. The run icon will appear.
Now do the same again, and switch to the new menu. The run icon will now be there.

10. LUCKY - November 25, 2009


11. MITKE - January 6, 2010


12. kenna - February 21, 2010

Have tried the first option and is so unfortunate it wouldn’t work out for me, and as for the second option i cant see my local disc drive C from my computer, how do i go about that?

13. jolo - April 3, 2010

oww. thank you.. its awesome.. you help me a lot.. =P

14. Josh - July 26, 2010

I can’t do that because I can’t right hand click in any form. Nor can I run that because “You do not have the right”

15. fazalulhaq - September 25, 2010

thanks ……………..

16. PRASHANT - November 7, 2010

thanks dude a lot, but i have one more problem, i am not able to run command MSCONFIG

17. josh - November 20, 2010

i cant access gpedit does it makes a difference if im in user account?

18. Mr Shanu Ahmed - January 4, 2011

Hey dude I tried the 2nd method and set the “remove run menu from start menu” = Disabled and clicked OK and closed the window but there is no Run icon in the Start menu, Task Manager. Please help me my email id is “peoplearemine18@gmail.com”. plz… email or reply me, I beg u! Thanks! I luv u guyz alot. Please help! or u can message me also on 7696707797. I will mail u some softwares if u want! Write the name of software in the Mail! My exceptations are from “LUCKY”, “me2blog”, “Noor”! plz help!

19. Ganesh - January 30, 2011

i understand your solution ,to enable run command, but i cont find run command in that page where you shown in picture, what should i do next

20. sou - February 17, 2011

the second method worked well for me.. thanks for the useful tip..

21. mahadev - February 18, 2011

thanks a lot, I got it

22. Vaibhav - June 1, 2011

I tried the first method and I could not see the enable run command option itself after clicking Advanced.
In the second method I could not see gpedit option. Can you please help me out??

23. syap - June 14, 2011

thank you so much dude.. i’m really appreciate it.. good job :D

24. sahasra - June 15, 2011

thanssssssssss a lot……… i got my run option back by 2nd method

25. Rea Quiñones - November 9, 2011

Please help me return my run option back to start menu….
I have prevented making any changes to taskbar and start menu…
I’ve changed it using the “GROUP POLICY”
PLEASE!!!!help me…

26. The Capt - December 9, 2011

THANKS FOR THIS! Nasty malware ran rampant through my machine, this was the last piece of the puzzle to restore it, great job on the walkthrough.

27. Karius - February 13, 2012

THANK you so much!!!!! :))

Nsh15 - March 5, 2012

u r welcome :D

28. Adi - February 23, 2012

Thanks a lot bro! I’ve used method #1 to solve this issue.

Nsh15 - March 5, 2012

glad 2 hear :D

Nsh15 - May 7, 2012

U r welcome, I’m sis not bro :D

29. john - May 21, 2012

If you don’t not have access to the “Run” icon, look for the “Command Prompt” in the “Accessories” program folder (it is also located here: C:\WINDOWS\system32\cmd.exe). Once you open the command prompt you can typically start most programs by typing: “start “. For example, I can start the msconfig program by typing this at the command prompt: start msconfig
start the registry editor by typing: start regedit.

Hope that helps. My admin has locked down my system and this is the quickest way to get “Run” commands executed (if my admin allows it).


uchenna ugorie - July 15, 2012

i did not succeed in welcoming the run

30. uchenna ugorie - July 16, 2012

It has taken me a very long time seeking solution to my challenges. My original challenge was that i wanted to be connected to face book,but i could not have access to my e-mail account. as a result of certificate error That led me to seek for a solution without any success. I am getting more confused than ever. What can I do?


31. palpaker - September 1, 2012

the run command of my computer is restricted..and it has a deeppreeze..how can i get the run?

32. icons set - September 17, 2012

In it something is. Now all became clear, many thanks for an explanation.

P.S. Please review icons

33. aravindh - December 4, 2012

really a helpful tips for me to know someting useful and interesting!!!!!!!

Nsh15 - January 8, 2013

Glad to hear :)

34. let - March 27, 2013

Press “Windows” and “R” keys simultaneously….

long way to discover..huh..anyone can tnx me add me on fb.. ahahha angel050483@yahoo.com

35. Shahul - April 19, 2013

Its soooo useful to me Thank you very much…

Noor - April 21, 2013

you r welcome :) glad to hear

36. Megapolis Cheat Tool - August 1, 2013

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37. Find If someone hacked your computer | Tech House - November 21, 2013

[…] RUN exists in your system. If it doesn’t exist then most of the times it happens because you have a virus/malware. Relate to this link for more info on how to remove it. You can also check this link. […]

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