how to hide sections in your myspace profile

sometimes u don’t need all the sections to give ur profile the look u want , so the empty sections can become annoying ,I was working in my page and looking 4 useful codes to hide the sections I don’t want to use with the current page style.

Hide ur extended network banner

To hide ur extended network add this code to who’d like to meet section at ur page


Hide your Blog Entries area

To hide ur extended network add this code to who’d like to meet section at ur page or any section

<style> .latestblogentry {display: none;}</style>

Hide Interests section (only)

even if u leave the all the interests boxes empty it will show in ur page, to make it all disappears add this code at the end of About me section


span.lightbluetext8 {display: none;}</style>

Hide only 1 interest section

if u don’t want only 1 box below the general interest section to appear (music, movies, television, books, heroes ) , simply leave it empty and it won’t show-up in ur profile.

no code!

Hide your Details section (only)

add this code at the About me section in ur profile

<style>.userProfileDetail {display:none;}</style>

Hide Interests + your details box (Both of them

add this code at the end of about me section

table.userProfileDetail {display:none}
table.interestsAndDetails {display:none}

Hide URL Box

To hide ur extended network add this code to who’d like to meet section at ur page or any section


Hide Orange text in ur profile

Orange labels with empty section can still appear in ur
page,to hide ’em copy and paste this code in any place in ur profile or in the about me section


Hide contact table

U can add premade buttons instead of the boring contact table, in order to do this u need to remove ur contact table first, copy and paste the following code any where in ur profile

<style type=”text/css”>.contactTable { display: none }</style>

Remover footer link

The links at the bottom of ur profile, can be removed simply copy and past this code anywhere in ur page

<style type=”text/css”>a.text, table div font a, table div div {visibility:hidden;}</style>

Moves the Blurbs table Higher

Place this code any where at ur profile

td.text table {position:relative; top: -90px;}
td.text table table {position:static;}

Hide friends (Only)

Add this code to the about me section

<style type=”text/css”>

.friendSpace {display:none;}

</style><b style=position:absolute;left:0;top:0;z-index:9;>

Hide your comments (Only)

Add this code to ur about me section





Hide About me and I’d Like to meet sections (Both of ’em)

Add this code to the about me section

<style>{–Hide Blurbs–}
.blurbs {display:none!important;}

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88 Responses to how to hide sections in your myspace profile

  1. victoria says:

    you know the thing hat says “about me”
    and “who id like to meet” and what not, on your profile.
    ya how do i hide that, cus i dont want it there because it ruins the style of my page.

  2. RAE says:

    thanksz this really helped me and this really worksz! it took me forever to find this stuff until i came to this site!

  3. babygirl says:

    thanks so much =]..i was looking for the hide interest part all over the place…and now i found it/

  4. Jojo says:

    thank u so much!! its awesome

  5. lala says:

    ummm how can do you delete one section of your interests?

  6. me2blog says:

    Dear lala
    u asked:
    ummm how can do you delete one section of your interests?

    The answer:
    as u know interests have many sections such as movies,music, heroes,,, …
    if u don’t want any of ’em then simply leave it empty, don’t even write spaces in it. if u leave all the sections empty u will interest section with blank in it,,, so if u want to remove everything related to interest add this code in the about me section

    span.lightbluetext8 {display: none;}

    this code will remove the interest section and leave ur detail section If u want to remove the interest and detail section, u can use this code in the about me section

    table.userProfileDetail {display:none}
    table.interestsAndDetails {display:none}

    This will not center ur profile,,, if u want u can use another code and it will almost remove all the left column 4 u and center the profile
    add it to the “General interest” section

    I hope this was useful 4 u 🙂

  7. ashleigh says:

    i only want to show the about me section and centre it on my myspace.
    does anyone know the code for this?

  8. me2blog says:

    If u want to remove every thing from ur profile except the about me and ur basic image
    take this code:


    .friendSpace {display:none;}

    .latestblogentry {display: none;}
    table.userProfileDetail {display:none}
    table.interestsAndDetails {display:none}
    .contactTable { display: none }

    If the code didn’t appear well in the comment (I take it all from the above post)
    – Remove friends
    – Remove comments
    – Remove Extended Network banner
    – Remove URL box
    – Remove contact table
    – Remove Interests section (only)
    and finally Remove blog entries

    I was trying to find center profile code 4 u, unfortunately non of ’em worked, If u find any useful code, share it with us plz 😉

  9. Missy says:

    i did the remove the comments and i still have 1 that wont go away how do i get it to go away?

  10. Jessica says:

    hi…you know the thing at the bottom of your profile where it say 2003-2008@ all whatever reserved….. i dont like that and i want to get rid of it…please give me a code for it…thanks,

  11. 1Lady4u says:

    Thanks! It helps a lot.
    Take care 🙂

  12. katy says:

    wow, this is great.
    would you happen to know how to get rid of the empty box that looks like a banner above all my info?
    here’s a screen shot.

    <img src=””

  13. me2blog says:

    Dear Katy:
    I saw the pic in ur comment
    its ur extended network but from the layout it’s centered and 2 be honest it looks weird somehow …
    so try this code:

    If this code didn’t remove it, try to find another layout !


  14. Miaaa says:

    wow this is a great website. except i dont want to hide about me AND who i’d liek to meet. i just want to ONLY hide who i’d like to meet. can u help me????

  15. andrea says:

    ill like to remove my empty boxes on my myspace profile!!
    how could i do it??

  16. me2blog says:

    I think Miaaa that this is not possible since myspace treat about me and who I’d like to meet as a same unit (blur) …
    and in the new profile 2.0 u can’t even separate ’em … I think its sth in the myspace code it self …


  17. Charlie says:

    Hello there!
    I have used all your codes and gotten rid of all of the boxes i dislike, and also centered my profile. then just today i edited my profile (just a youtube vid) and everything got pushed to the left!!! And i small white banner appeared in the top right hand corner… What is this thin white box? And do you know how i could get rid of it so I can have my profile in centered again? Thank you!

    Charlie –

  18. Charlie says:

    Hello there!
    I have used all your codes and gotten rid of all of the boxes i dislike, and also centered my profile. then just today i edited my profile (just a youtube vid) and everything got pushed to the left!!! And i small white banner appeared in the top right hand corner… What is this thin white box? And do you know how i could get rid of it so I can have my profile in centered again? Thank you!

    Charlie –

  19. monique says:

    it doesn’t work!!

  20. me2blog says:

    Charlie …. I’m not sure whats that white box … I saw it but I dunno
    try to make sure that the video code tags r ended correctly … like the centre codes

  21. Hunter says:

    i was wondering how to create a whole different section under your interests section.
    not an addition to the “general, movies, music, heroes, etc.”, a whole separate table underneath.
    i found one code for it, but, it shows the new section title and the blue text, even though i have the codes that’s suppose to hide it.
    so, if you could get me the code to make a new section, and it not have the part that says the table title, like “so and so’s interests” and the blue part that says something like “general”.
    that would be soo great.

  22. iena says:

    how to change the words in the interest box like “General”,”Music” and “movies” with the other words? i saw some ppl did it..


  23. Michaela Ann says:

    i would atucally like to get rid of the whole footer up the top on myspace ( eg. the search bar and the ad and link..) how do i do that and what is the code! i cant seem to find it anywere!
    thanks heaps
    michaela xo

  24. chloe says:

    this does not work

  25. danielle says:

    kay well i hide the box sayinq interest and all that but now the stuff in the box is still to the right side but i want it to be centered in the box do u noe how ?

  26. brooke says:


    how can i delete the school ssection?


    • me2blog says:

      If u use profile1 then remove ur schools and it won’t be shown … if u use profile 2 simply from customize ur profile … remove it from the modules =)

  27. kateri says:

    how do i only show, like 15 comments, instead of my usual 50? is there a code for that?

    • me2blog says:

      Unfortunately in profile 1 … u can only show all comments (50) or none
      in profile 2 …. u can show as much as u wish … plus u can hide them all …
      or u remove all the comment box !

  28. kaybabey says:

    so here the thing:
    i hid my intrests like outline box, so it doesnt have the blue thing.. its just the white background..
    but now there is like a big gap on top.. i think thats from when i hid my song.. but i have no clue :S
    if its from when i hid my song.. is there a code that not only hides your song.. but COMPLETLEY remove it from my profile?
    and if its for the other one, where i hid the intrests outline box and stuff.. is there a code to make it go higher or something?
    hopefully you understood me.
    thankyou for your time.
    love kay xx 🙂

    • me2blog says:

      I think hmmm …. I’m not really getting the point …
      but here what I know … and I hope it will be useful:
      in profile1 .. u can only hide things … not completely remove things … bcz in some browsers
      u can see what others hide in their pages 😉 … it still loads and exist … its only that it doesn’t show up
      in profile 2 … u can REMOVE whatever u want … it will not load … and it gives u more flexibility =)

      Thnx 4 the comment … I hope my reply is some how useful for u kay
      All the best 🙂

  29. Kay says:

    If you just delete the info under a certain section the header will still be there. If you want the header and info of only certain sections gone put in that box. No spaces in between. Hope i helped.

  30. ash says:

    is there are way to remove the writting of interests but still add ur own writting like not have the border or the columns something similar to the about me just in the left column.

  31. sammie says:

    i lub dis shiit!

  32. mary says:

    hey how do i get reed of all the bumperstickers an comments stickers? i got soemone to do my profile an they have some doubled up an it looks bad what can i do to take them off an stat over

  33. Brit says:

    whats the code to get rid of that big gap on who id like to meet?
    but id like to have the who id like to meet still there,

  34. lulu says:

    hey i want to know how to remove the interest boxes but still see the text there.

  35. joshdobrikphotography says:

    Super helpful, nice and simple thanks lad

  36. autumn says:

    okay so i want to get rid of the part that says “about me” and “who id like to meet” not the whole section juts the words?

  37. MRDINOMIMI says:

    How do I get rid of the blue background on the Intrest module? Including the outline around the module. Thats the only problem lots of people are having besides the regular problems.

    • noorshabsogh says:

      u mean the blue bg when u have no layout … not possible it comes from myspace and u can change it only by adding a new layout

  38. Breeanna. says:

    when i put a picture in my hero section on myspace, it makes a big blue box on the side and then makes my profile big:/ does anyone have a code to remove the blue box on the side?:D

  39. risha says:

    all i want to know is how do i hide the about me and who id like to meet text but still have my information showing….???
    OMG PLEASE HELP ME..!(LOL]im getting frustrated

  40. gina says:

    i would like a code to remove in the interests lables e.g. books, heros, music, telivison and such and such

    • noorshabsogh says:

      Dear gina :

      Hide Orange text in ur profile

      Orange labels with empty section can still appear in ur
      page,to hide ‘em copy and paste this code in any place in ur profile or in the about me section

      The code:

  41. Tashae says:

    mines wont work

  42. Tessa Hermes says:

    Thanks for the article.Thanks Again. Much obliged.

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